Based on long-time experience, HCE – Hazard Control Engineering offers consulting services for Chemical Weapon Agents (CWA) hardware and legal issues as well as customer specified solutions for the modification and maintenance of analytical instruments.


Consulting for Chemical Weapon Agents (CWA) equipment and monitoring systems in relation to costs, type of instrument, support possibilities, field of application and analytical demands.

Customer-specified Hardware

Selection of the best available hardware incl. software modifications such as Chemical Weapon Agent (CWA) libraries for mass spectrometry (MS) and ion mobility spectrometry (IMS).

Equipment Testing and Demonstrations

On- and offsite testing and demonstration of instruments as well as operations with live agents and certified standards of Chemical Weapon Agents (CWAs).

Customer-specified Hardware, Construction and Maintenance Services

Hardware construction service and maintenance organisation for Chemical Weapon Agent (CWA) analytical installations, incl. operators training.

Governmental Strategies

Customer specified solutions regarding legal and political hurdles such as transport, certificates and coordination with legal offices.

CWM Destruction Support

Services for Chemical Weapon Agents (CWM) and Chemical Weapon Materials (CWM) destruction projects incl. testing of equipment and monitoring systems as well as review of analytical methods and decontaminants. Workplace safety measures incl. CWA workplace monitoring.